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Sands Bahariya is an exquisite eco-friendly boutique lodge in the Bahariya Oasis; ideal for a break from the big city.


Located 350km on the Cairo-Bahariya road. Sands Bahariya will introduce you to cities of ancient wonder throughout the Bahariya Oasis while making you feel at home in an ecological paradise.

Sands Bahariya is an ecologically-friendly travel destination with an experience that embraces the local heritage while promoting water conservation, energy efficiency, and the recycling of the resort’s products.

Building architecture, interior decoration and land construction are made from indigenous materials that are harmonious with the traditional lifestyle of the breathtaking Western Desert.36 acres of relaxing greenery and rolling hills, and a water spring that supplies the lodge with underground water filtered by an age old purifying mechanism.


Day-trips to the ancient wonders in the Bahariya Oasis can be arranged in the hotel lobby.
White Desert
Traveling southwest from Cairo, the White Desert is located 45 km north of Farafra and south of Bahariya spanning a 6,000 square kilometers area. The stretch is covered with massive white and cream-colored chalk rock formations created by occasional sandstorms carving out tall mushroom-like shapes.
Valley of the Golden Mummies
The Valley of the Golden Mummies is one of Bahariya’s greatest attractions. It is a 2,000 year old cemetery hosting ten tombs with a total of 125 mummies from Egypt’s Roman era. The cemetery was first discovered in 1996 and the tombs were remarkably well intact. The mummies were adorned with gilded and painted coffins some wearing golden masks and lavish jewelry.


Sands Bahariya offers three deluxe suites and fifteen queen / twin-bed rooms individually designed and mimicking the feel of the desert. All rooms are air-conditioned with a safety deposit box and private bath overlooking the lush greenery of the grove and organic farmland.

Construction utilized thick walls of clay and brick, high ceilings for cooling the interior, and rounded-dome roofs that support the buildings architectural integrity without the use of steel rods. The exterior plays with reddish-orange colored clay where all buildings conveniently encircle the pool.

Boutique Rooms

Lotus room

The ancient Egyptian Lotus flower crowns the brass bed, curtains, cupboard and hand-made canvas hanging on the ceiling above the bed.

Kanadeel room

Kanadeel are the traditional oriental lighting units. This room’s curtains, cushions and art work reflect some of the most intricate oriental designs of Kanadeel.

Dantella room

Dantella is lace. The delicate workmanship on the brass four-poster bed and the fine engrave of the wooden cupboard inspired this theme.

King Farouk

Crowns topping the old wooden mirror decorated with mother of pearl and wooden cupboard truly give this room a royal air. On the opposite wall hang old pictures of King Farouk’s childhood, marriage and reign.

Daraweesh room

Daraweesh means Swirling Dervishes. The swirls on the brass beds and cupboard feel like a natural extension of the flowing gowns of the dervishes.

Cleopatra room

Ornamental Cleopatra vases decorate this room’s queen-size brass bed, cupboard and curtains, adding a Roman touch to this room.

Nawm el Awafi room

The brass-engraved “Sleep Well” placards on the beds are complimented with Arabic calligraphy curtains and a Murano chandelier.

Seif room

Seif is Arabic for Sword, the symbol crowning the two authentic brass beds in this room. You can enjoy the serenity from this room while sitting in the old wooden Mashrabeya corner.


Dining at the Eight Bells Restaurant is reminiscent of the tastes prepared by the traditional inhabitants of the Western Desert. Open grill, warm baked bread and Oriental-style tajines cooked in a clay oven.

Eight Bells

The Eight Bells Restaurant is named after the famous landing site created from empty cans of aviation fuel spelling “Eight Bells” alongside an arrow pointing north. The Eights Bells marked a topographic plateau south of the Gilf Kebir where an ancient drainage system carved out valleys in the sandstone. The cans demarcated a landing site in the desert used in World War II to guide planes to safe landing that needing to refuel while crossing the expansive Libyan and Egyptian deserts.

Djarra Bar

The Djarra Bar sits overlooking the pool with seating around the fire place. The bar is named after the Djarra Cave hidden from most travelers in the Western Desert. The only entrance to the cave is through a small hole tucked away off the beaten path. Once underground, you’ll discover rows upon rows of stalactites, fang-like structures of speleothem mineral that drips down from limestone caves and hangs from the ceiling.

Services & Facilities

Recreational Facilities

Sands Bahariya is the center of attraction. Although we offer tours to the surrounding destinations, we invite you to explore the natural wonders that Sands Bahariya has to offer. Soak up the sun and relax by the pool or take a walk through the fruit grove and stop to learn about organic farming and the water ponds.


  • • Hot water spring
  • • Lake side picnic
  • • 4x4 Desert Safaris
  • • Guided Desert Walks
  • • Cultural Tours to Historic Sites
  • • Camel Rides
  • • Bird Watching
  • • Djarra Cave

Hotel Services

Lodge Services:
Three deluxe suites and fifteen queen / twin-bed rooms all air-conditioned

  • • Safety deposit box in each room
  • • Multi-lingual staff
  • • 24-hour check in/out
  • • 24-hour room service
  • • Laundry service
  • • TV & Satellite available in the lobby, restaurant & bar
  • • Two shops available in the main reception area
  • • Swimming pool, towels provided
  • • Bedouin-style tent with refreshments
  • • Car park free of charge
  • • Pick up from Cairo arranged by bus, couch, 4x4, & limousine

Other Services & Amenities:

  • • Baby beds and baby chairs
  • • Extra beds

* Kindly note that pets are not permitted in the lodge


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